• Profiling, marketing and automated decisions

    Marketing and profiling – we use profiling in our marketing to provide you with the information that we think is most relevant to you and to avoid sending you unnecessary information. To do this, we may use your personal data by analysing your past purchases, browsing habits and the search settings you use on our website. We therefore make use of profiling to call up the products, services and information you may be most interested in. This allows us to adapt our communications to make them of greater relevancy and interest to you. To understand your needs as a customer better, and to provide services and marketing (including online advertising through e.g. social media), we may also combine the personal data we collect when you make purchases with personal data collected from our websites, mobile apps and other sources.

    You can read more about how we collect data through your browser in our cookie policy.

    We would like to send offers and news about our products and services that are relevant to you. Accordingly, we may contact you with marketing communications via email, messaging, push notifications, mail shots and telephone.

    If you do not want to receive marketing from us, you may at any time decline by using the unsubscribe link which can be found in all the offers we send to you via email, social media or messaging or by contacting us (contact information is available on a subsequent page in this Privacy Policy)

    Setting premiums and discounts – we use automated decision-making when selling in the form of automatic premium calculations. In some of our policies where the premium is affected either by your driving behaviour or the number of steps you take over a certain period, automated decisions are used. The decisions are based on the data you submit to us (either directly or indirectly). You always have the right to contact us for a personal review if you’re not satisfied with such an automated decision.

    Claims settlement – we use automated decision making as part of our claims settlement process through our online services. The decisions are based on the data you provide us with and is then assessed in compliance with the provisions of the insurance terms. You always have the right to contact us for a personal review if you are not satisfied with such an automated decision.